Mar 10, 2016- A Nepali woman working in Kuwait has registered a complaint with local police, stating that her company manager had raped her.

The 31-year-old woman from Chitwan filed the complaint with the help of the Embassy of Nepal in Kuwait on Tuesday.
The victim said that her manager, an Egyptian national, raped her on Friday at his residence after she complained about the workplace outfit being short.
“He (manager) said that we were going to the office and took me to his flat and forced him upon me.
I was scared and could do nothing,” the victim told the embassy.
She added that the perpetrator later dropped her in a camp after the crime.
Nepali Ambassador to Kuwait Yagya Bahadur Hamal said that the embassy has informed company officials about the matter and urged them look into it.
“We called the human resource manager to discuss the incident. The company has assured us that  will extend the  help to provide justice  the victim,” said  adding that the local police had also initiated investigation into the incident.
The victim works at the company where around 200 Nepali migrants, both male and female, have been working.

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