Empowerment & Self Care Program

Some of the beneficieres of Chhori are not able to realize their capacy and potential due to the environment they have grown up in. Many of the women and girls has worked under slave-like conditions. While also being in a patriarchal society they often have delevoped low self-esteem and poor thoughts about their own ability.

The women and girls has been schooled by social practices into thinking that “women are incapable, dependent and cannot be bread earners”. Such hegemony affects the girls and women and makes it hard for them to think outside of the box.

Empowerment sessions is a tool of letting our beneficiaries know about their ability, build up their confident level, make self-analysis of their problems and search for the solutions within themselves.
Our task is to help them to reshape their thoughts about themselves and help them change their lives to the better. We strive for all our beneficiaries to become confident women, with knowledge of their human rights and with the capacity to love and care for themselves.

The training is based on six different levels that will help the beneficiaries in this process. The levels are as following:
1. Self evaluation for empowerment
2. Problem identification and its solution
3. Self care
4. Career building
5. Budget management
6. Identification of resources and planning