The shelter program

 At the shelter survivors of violence and abuse are not only provided with physical space but also an emotional and relational space. The shelter provides a safe therapeutic enviroment with autonomy, choice and empathy. At the shelter the girls and women get a chance to reclaim their ability to trust as well as to rediscover their belief in oneself.

The process encompasses five steps:
1) the first response
2) the intake
3) the assessment
4) the rehabilitation activities
5) the reintegration process

Target group: Survivors of violence and abuse, girls and women working in entertainment sectors and those who are at risks of being sexual exploited.

The capacity of shelter is 18 persons at once.

Different activities and services in the shelter will help survivors to recover from the trauma as well as to build up their capacities and self-confidence. Some of the activities are as follows;

  • Psychosocial counselling (individual and group)
  • Medical support
  • Case management
  • Formal and non formal education
  • Skilled trainings (computer classes and tailoring classes)
  • In house training