Girls and women transformational training program

This project is designed to provide girls and women with education and therapeutic support to develop their skills, increase their self-esteem and to develop their knowledge about the body, both physically and mentally. The aim is to help the girls and women to both love and care for themselves more.

The main themes of the training is:

  • Healing trauma through holistic intervention such as expressive art therapy, utilizing dance, movement, rituals, visual art and poetry.
  • Women reproductive health such as:
    • Menstrual education
    • Fertility, wounded sexuality and sexual health
    • Honoring the difference phases of a women’s life
    • Establishing good boundaries and healthy relationships
    • Self–image and exploring cultural beliefs of women in a patriarchal society
    • Women reproductive health issues; irregular menstruation
  • Yoga and mindfulness skills to decrease anxiety and increase self-care