Mobile counseling camp, weekly based counseling service

The Mobile counselling camps- a way to reach a wider number of girls/women and to provide the basic support onsite.

Too many girls and women are working within the adult entertainment sector. Lack of time, long distances and controlling owners makes it impossible for these girls to come to us. Therefore, we go to them. The mobile counselling camp reaches all geographic areas of Kathmandu and creates an emotional safeplace close to where the girls and women work. The girls/women are further supported through regular counselling services, empowerment sessions, legal support, income generative activity (IGA) support, vocational training, shelter support and job placements.

The mobile counselling camp also provides us information about the current situation as well as helping us notice any changing trends within the adult entertainment sector.

Services provided during the mobile counselling camp

Outreach workers meet with the adult entertainment sector (AES) workers individually in their working place. They visit at least 4 times to build a relationship with the girls/women as well as to share information about the services that the organization provide.

Sharing information: Chhori provides the AES workers important information about various topics like commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC), menstruation, trafficking, sexual and reproductive health and the services of Chhori. The contact also provides the staff information about their working situation.

Health check-up: The girls and women gets offered a general health checkup at the mobile counselling camp.

Individual counselling: Each AES worker is provided psychosocial counselling by a trained psychosocial counsellor. Similarly, legal counselling is provided by a legal officer and the staffs are also providing legal aid in case of prior necessity.