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Are you looking for an internship/volunteering opportunity?
Do you want to enhance your knowledge and skills regarding women empowerment, advocacy and lobbying, NGO (Non-governmental organizations) project management in a developing world?
Are you passionate to work with victims of trafficking, sexual abuse, violence and others forms of exploitation?
Are you ready to work with a multicultural team of experienced people working for gender equality, women leadership development and micro-entrepreneurship development?
Are you interested to visit a beautiful mountainous country full of cultural diversity along with your learning?

If yes, this is the opportunity for you. Below you will find our internship/volunteer program:


Nepal is a very patriarchal country. Therefore Chhori aims to make structural changes of the society in general. A change of mindset among the people would make the women and men of Nepal more equal.

Working at Chhori will give you firsthand experience in helping the victims of trafficking, gender-based violence and sexual harassment. It will also give you insight in the work of national and international NGOs in Nepal. You will get to participate in meetings, workshops and different women centered programs as well as get to learn how to prepare a project proposal and a concept note.


Self-empowerment of the girls and women. To achieve this we are providing them skills and knowledge, which will enable them to challenge the structural discrimination, injustice, violence and exploitation in order to live a dignified life.


The vision statement of Chhori is – A society free from any sort of discrimination against girls and women.

Activities / Programs
For Details please visit our website (www.chhori.org)
Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Chhoriorg/)

If you are interested to apply for the internship program, Please write to us at
[email protected] / [email protected] for the detail TOR for interns / volunteers.
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